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Elsie’s Autumn Bucket List – A Beautiful Mess

Each year, I create a seasonal bucket list full of activities to do with my family. As a mom of two young children, I often feel a little overwhelmed and this list helps me remember to actually DO all the fun ideas and make memories together during the autumn season.

I fill our list with a few big projects like adding to our spooky village and a lot of easy, attainable ideas as well like making homemade trail mix, pulling out of favorite autumn kids books and even something as simple as listing to “Monster Mash,” which my children love!

No matter what stage in life you are in, making the most of each season and making memories is a great goal. This list will help remind you to make time for small activities throughout the season. Click here to download your autumn bucket list!

Benefits of a seasonal bucket list.

  • It’s an easy reminder. Time flies, especially with young kids, and it can be tough to remember to make time for all those cute ideas you have pinned on Pinterest. This list makes it easy as you check a few things off your list each weekend!
  • By using the list, you can do a greater variety of activities instead of defaulting to the same ideas over and over.
  • For parents, knowing you are creating lifelong memories and childhood magic is the most meaningful benefit of all (who wants to cry with me—I’m feeling sentimental!).

Hacks for a seasonal bucket list

  • Stock up for all your supplies at once! Whether it’s grabbing some frozen pie dough to keep in the freezer or stocking up on craft supplies, get everything you need for the activities in one shopping trip and keep it on hand.
  • Let your family members choose activities so everyone gets to do what is most nostalgic to them.
  • Repeat all your favorite activities from last year. You are creating traditions!
  • I like to put 3-4 big activities on my list (for example, going apple picking or making a large craft) and then the rest of my list is smaller activities that we can fit in when we have an hour before nap time or an hour before dinner.
  • Above all else, make it easy on yourself. It’s supposed to be fun and not a lot of pressure.

Mega Idea List

Here are few ideas to get you started!

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch.
  2. Make a spooky craft.
  3. Go apple picking.
  4. Play “Monster Mash
  5. Make caramel apples.
  6. Have a candlelit dinner.
  7. Jump in a leaf pile (my kids’ favorite).
  8. Make chili.
  9. Buy fall candles.
  10. Watch Hocus Pocus (fill the list with all your favorite Halloween movies for kids, adults or both!).
  11. Decorate your porch for Halloween.
  12. Make pumpkin pancakes.
  13. Drink apple cider on the porch.

OK, you get the idea! Personalize the list by adding your favorite nostalgic fall activities. Be sure to add things that are specific to your town or region and things you enjoyed as a child. 

Frequently asked questions.

What if I don’t complete all the items?

The purpose of this list is solely to make fun family memories. It’s normal to not do every single item, so remove that pressure from yourself!

I don’t like the term “bucket list,” can you stop using it?

No. But feel free to edit the text before you print it out and change it to “idea list”!

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Kelly.

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