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EA sends FIFA 22 OTW Week 1 packs out early

EA has inadvertently sent out FIFA 22 Ones To Watch Team 1 packs ahead of the game’s timed release. This was a pleasant surprise to many that had pre ordered the game, but it turns out there was an issue – the FIFA 22 OTW packs that were opened early did not contain any OTW player cards. Instead, they included lesser gold player cards. Not great, to say the least.

Those that have received their FUT 22 OTW pack early have been urged by EA not to open them until the allotted time. Acknowledging the problem, EA has said that those that have will be issued with a second FIFA 22 OTW pack, but it could take some time for the new OTW packs to come through, perhaps days rather than hours. It’s not an ideal outcome for those who excitedly ripped open the packs hoping to get their teams set up nice and early in time for FIFA 22’s release