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Dolby is working with Cinemo to bring Atmos sound to your car

Dolby is teaming up with automotive infotainment company Cinemo to bring Dolby Atmos music to your daily commute. 

Dolby Atmos is an audio technology that debuted in cinemas in 2012, but is available on everything from soundbars to TVs to smartphones. Now Dolby is bringing the tech to more cars. 

According to Dolby, the immersive, object-based listening experience gives audio more space, clarity and depth. The technology leverages your car’s speaker configuration by placing audio elements in a three-dimensional sound field, creating an immersive soundstage and making the driver and passengers feel as though they are immersed in the music rather than simply hearing it in stereo. 

Dolby announced the collaboration with Cinemo at its IAA Mobility panel in Munich on September 7. According to the company, the partnership will accelerate the integration of Dolby Atmos into vehicles. 

Cinemo automotive solutions are already available in millions of cars around the world and the Dolby Car Experience tech can be seamlessly integrated into new and existing car audio subsystems and speaker configurations, so this collaboration will give car manufacturers an easy way to access the immersive audio. 

“Dolby Atmos is a popular feature in smartphones, home entertainment, smart speakers and PCs”, said Director of Automotive at Dolby Laboratories Andreas Ehret. “However, bringing high-quality audio to the automotive world isn’t like working in the consumer electronics space. Car manufacturers need infotainment specialists that understand their needs”. 

“Cinemo always strives for innovation and speed, working diligently to gain the trust of automotive partners to seamlessly enable next-generation technologies”, Cinemo co-founder Ivan Dimkovic. “By teaming up with Dolby, car manufacturers can take advantage of this collaboration and, within a short timeframe, offer an immersive audio experience to their customers”. 

The collaboration also makes Cinemo the first middleware licensee for the Dolby Car Experience. 

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Dolby Atmos in a car. Dolby teamed up with Lucid Motors at SXSW this year to unveil the Dolby Atmos-supported 21-speaker Surreal Sound system. 

The audio system – found in the Lucid Air sedan – marked the first automotive integration of Dolby Atmos audio. The system consists of front, rear, side and height speakers that are positioned to allow the driver and passengers to feel the movement of sounds through the car. 

The new Cinemo partnership will accelerate the roll out of Dolby Atmos in cars, meaning we can expect to see more supported cars in the future.

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