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Deal of the Day: Capture One Pro 21 $179 (Reg $299) | Canon Rumors

in your case LR sub is probably the right choice, everyone is different.

Capture One is trying to position themselves as premium.. there are some quite good things to it, but wouldn’t consider the cost at right level to purchase for me (I don’t earn money from photography). COP does some things really well.. was impressed with their color replacement. Most of it is fairly intuitive and quick, but some things irked me (file mgmt stuff)..

At least you get the option of subscription or permanent license (which Adobe reneged on.. I can’t reinstall my LR6, I did try a long time). I can and have used software for longer than 3 yrs. I did a trial of their software and honestly aside from new format support, didn’t really see any significant improvements over LR6 and they were jerks about cancelling my trial, tried to charge me.

I did try DX0 and it seemed sluggish at time (may try again).. Have for some reason stuck with On1, but have had challenges with them too.. The latest version with their new noise engine is quite decent, though still having issues with canon color profiles. cost is similar to LR whether you go subscription or in my case permanent with a reasonable upgrade cost if I choose to.

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