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Creative Ways to Display Photos

Sometimes taking new approached to the most basic forms of decorating can make a world of difference. I love getting questions that I can share my take on or expand on to (hopefully) help others. Today were talking about tip No. 41 from Cozy White Cottage Seasons, and it about different way or creative ways to display family photos. Physical photos will always have a place in my home. Bringing them off of our devices and into our home.  However we display them, they are a great way to be taken back to a special memory, or remind you have that family member that is no longer with you. Regardless, there is still a place for physical photos and I am going to share three of my favorite ways to display them with creative takes on this traditional decor.

Create a Gallery Wall or Build Photo Ledges to Display Photos. The obvious one for me, this is a great way to show off your families legacy and ancestry. How many times have you looked at old photos with fellow family members and everyone tries recalling the moment, or who’s all in the photo, or dives into another memory or story. That is the special magic keeping photos in your home will always have. I know we all have our monstrous digital library on our phones or social media platforms, but keeping photos brings the life out of photos unexpectedly to family and guest. Changing photos out can be a fun new way to refresh a space throughout the year, think of different themes to showcase and create a gallery wall or photo ledge that has continuity or reasoning across the entire space. Just because these are family photos, you can still show your personal style by adding in vintage frames or other frames that match your aesthetic. Design tip, don’t just grab every photo or the most recent photo of each family member, tie the photos into the space based on the photos.

Display in Frames on Tables & in cabinets or on a bookshelf. This may seem basic, but I feel like a lot of people could get more creative with it. Traditionally, people will display photos of those special family members in a row, or in one multi-frame picture frame. The photos are filled with one photo of each family member or a single frame showing a group photo. You can find some added creative points by displaying in unique frames, or anything that will hold a picture, that compliments decor in the space with family doing something similar. An example, a kitchen picture ledge, a cluster of family photos of you and your kids baking, a cookout, picnic… you get it. Show the older photos off in the same way a grandparent cooking or in their garden. Bring those still photos to life by paying homage to those people that created that unique recipe or passed on the love for the lifestyle or hobbies that are deep rooted in your family.

Display Photo AlbumsPhoto albums are not a lost art! They are a great way to get your photos off your devices and social media platforms and into your home. At one point, I am sure you have panned through a photo album. I know I have gone through older ones, surprised by every turn of a page. I compare that to the endless digital library we all have… you can accidentally come across digital photos, but to me there is just that element of magic found within photo albums. Now photo albums are as limited as they use to be, look online for albums that match your aesthetics. I am loving the linen wrapped albums, blending right in with the rest of my books on my bookshelf and in my cabinets.

I know a lot of us do these each day, but its a great conversation to have. A bonus tip, is albums don’t have to be the only photos people grab to look at. The gallery wall and photo ledge are great ways to get guest to interact by walking along the space, but in cabinets and on bookshelf, or even in on a table, it can be okay to encourage people to pick them up to get a better look. It makes it a bit more interactive and just another fun way to appreciate photos. Thank you again for stoping by the blog today and every other day, it means the world to us. Find me on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to share how you display your family photos, thank you again and stay cozy!


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