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Cozy White Jack-O’-Lantern Mantel – Liz Marie Blog

Filling your home with neutral seasonal decor is a great way to add the seasonal decor in a subtle yet cozy way. While Fall is full of rich colors and textures, I still love coming back to my tried and true white hues once in a while. Today I wanted to share another way that you can incorporate neutral decor during the fall and for around Halloween with a cozy White Jack-O’-Lantern mantel!

Typically when thinking about Halloween Decor, we naturally think of dark and moody colors. But why can’t we have neutral color Halloween decor that fits in nicely with the rest of our cozy home decor? If you really look at this mantel, its my everyday decor I would normally have out. For some this time of year is busy from kids sports, to just everyday life, so the simple addition of seasonal decor into your everyday look is a great way to get a space decorated It’s oftentimes difficult to find neutral and light-toned Halloween decor, but a little paint can transform any spooky decor! I showed a great example of this with my latest front porch steps, which you can check out here [HERE].

You don’t need to overthink seasonal decor. I placed these candlesticks in these swing top lid bottles I already had. A quick tip for fitting candlesticks is to take a lighter and heat up the bottom of the candlestick. With the candlestick warmed and soft, gently place the candlestick into the bottle or whatever else you are using as a candlestick holder. You can find similar swing top lids bottles (here).

You can find similar jack-o-lanterns below:

Last year I did this neutral mantel look here [HERE] featuring these pumpkins and It was such a hit I thought I would make a similar look for this year! Last year’s look was pretty simple and minimal, and I wanted to offer a styled look with more layers. When adding neutral-colored seasonal decor it’s easy to add it wherever you see fit.

Fun Fact! Did you know that the Irish put JJack-O’-Lanterns originated from an Irish Myth?

What do you think of this cozy white Jack-O’-Lantern Mantel? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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