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Cozy Pool Patio Updates – Liz Marie Blog

We have officially had our pool for a year now! It’s been such a nice addition to White Cottage Farm, especially in the last year when we have spent significantly more time at home. This year we decided to make a few cozy pool patio updates to the area that will make it even cozier for gathering. Even in the unfinished state that it has been, our pool area is starting to feel like the retreat that we have dreamed out. It has been a slow and steady process, but I am starting to envision the end in sight! And just in time for fall! So let’s hold onto summer just a little longer while I enjoy our little retreat.

I haven’t shared much about the process while it has actually been happening because… let’s be honest…I really disliked all of the dirt and mess. But the little that I did share led to so many questions about our pool area that I thought I would round up today for you all!

Do you have information on your pool anywhere on the blog?

Yes! Check out this blog post here [HERE] where I break down what type of pool we went with, whether we went with a salt or chlorine pool, and more! I also wrote a blog post about pool safety and the steps that we took last year to ensure that Copey would keep safe, you can read that here [HERE].

Why did you decide to put pavers around your pool area?

We loved the look of the pavers and we wanted to create a bigger patio area for gathering. We also wanted to create a low-maintenance spot for landscaping. I love how the pavers have turned out so far and I really enjoy that there is a sense of

What type of pavers did you use?

The type of pavers that we used is Unilock Bristol Valley

What are the new seats in your pool?

Those are called Ledge Loungers! Adding them to the landing area of our pool has been a game-changer! It allows us to all be in the pool with Copey, watching him, while also being able to relax a little. My neighbor, Diane, and I will often even sit in them when we drink our morning coffee! These loungers have transformed our pool for me and created a whole new place to relax and I’m so glad that we added them! If you would like to see the exact pool loungers we have, click here [HERE], and here [HERE] for the side table!

How is your office deck coming along?

We decided to add this upper deck using Trex composite decking that comes out from our office as another retreat area for when we are working. It is so close to being done! It is usable now, which is the most important part! There are a few railing posts we are waiting for and also the exterior pieces.

What still needs to be done in the pool area?

I am actually really excited to share this answer with you all! For the remainder of the landscaping, we plan to switch out the grass with turf grass so we won’t have to mow inside of the fence. We also plan to move our She Shed over to the area to use as pool equipment and storage. Finally, we are renovating one stall in our garage to convert into a pool house area. This area will have a cozy kitchen and bathroom area for friends and family to use when coming to the pool and for us to use when we are working upstairs in the office.

Can you please link your pool patio items again?

Sure! Click here [HERE] to find our pool umbrellas. Click here [HERE] for a review of our lounge chairs. Click here [HERE] for similar options of our newly added urns.

What do you think of the cozy pool patio updates that we made to our pool area? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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