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Cozy Neutral Fall Decor – Liz Marie Blog

As you may or may not know… I love fall decor. Well, some would say obsessed, but that is neither here nor there. Well, it is here. Anyways, one major part of creating a cozy home is doing things that work for you, your style, and your family. For some that could be bold & bright fall decor filled with bright red & orange that reflect the trees outside & for some it’s cozy textures and neutrals that reflect the coziness we all crave in fall. Cozy is your own definition. I love many different styles of decorating for fall from lots of color to more muted and earthy tones. My heart is always going to pick neutrals if I have to choose so that is why today I decided to gather and style some neutral fall decor that you can incorporate into your home right now, whether you are in the mood for fall or just looking to dip your toes into the fall decor water.

What is Cozy Neutral Fall Decor?

I am a big fan of neutrals in any season. However, in fall, adding rich browns creamy whites, and an abundance of texture seems to cozy up our spaces as we prepare for colder months ahead. While we venture into the fall months consider adding neutral-toned pumpkins and gourds, textiles, wicker baskets, jars, crocks, and more!

Fall is known for celebrating pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks, and apples! I talk often about Bringing outdoor elements inside, and in the fall months, bringing these fall staples indoors is a great way to incorporate neutral fall decor! All of this can be done in so many ways, but when you stick with neutrals or a softer palette it makes it easier on most of us to keep our everyday decor out in the fall because it pairs so well when it’s neutral. for example this space below I mixed in some pumpkins, pinecones, & candles, & it all paired perfectly with the decor I already in the space. Love how effortless and cozy neutrals can be!

Bring in:

-Find leaves that have fallen off the trees and place in a bowl, cloche, or frame them

-Grab a branch and stick it in a vase… free greenery!

-use some acorns or pinecones from your yard around the house as vase filler or more.

-Put a pumpkin on it. Real or faux [find some amazing faux ones here] a pumpkin among your everyday decor instantly makes it fall decor.

-Texture. Cozy pillows, throws, decor elements that are filled with texture will cozy up the space & make your neutrals pop with a lot more interest. The more texture the better!

-A cozy glow. Bring in a cozy glow with candles, lamps, twinkle lights, & more. Bringing light off the season is an instant way to bring cozy in!

You really can incorporate cozy neutral fall decor in any space in your home. Whether it is through a simple handtowel and seasonal scented candle in a washroom, a corner coffee space in your kitchen, or over a fireplace mantel.

Remember to use your 5 Senses!

When decorating for fall think of your 5 senses as you move room to room. Does it look, smell, taste, feel, & sound like fall? Pick a fall playlist, add some cozy textures, bring in some fall foliage, bake a fall recipe, & light that fall candle! Bring in fall with your 5 senses & it will instantly be cozy to you!

Cozy neutral fall decor can also include having seasonal baked goods available as well! From pumpkin pie to apple crisp and everything in between. Having that warm smell of fall in your home plays into using all 5 senses to cozy up your home. & baked goods cover your taste sense too! Yummy Cookies by Slick Sweets.

If you are looking for other fall decor ideas, click here [HERE] to see all of my fall blog posts!

What do you think of adding cozy neutral fall decor to your home? I would love to hear how much you have decorated for fall. Let me know on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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