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COD Warzone Playlist update – September 30, 2021

Every week, there’s an update to the COD Warzone playlist, and every week someone is left unhappy that their favorite LTM has disappeared. This week, we lose a very popular recent limited-time event, but we get two popular cash-themed modes in its place.

Call of Duty Warzone Playlist update today – September 30

Warzone playlist update – Iron Trials ‘84

After two very successful weeks, it’s time to say goodbye to Iron Trials ‘84. This hardcore version of the traditional Verdansk Battle Royale mode had extreme challenges to make it even harder to claim victory. To keep things fresh, though, it had to be limited, and has now made way for two old favorites.

Plunder – Trios

warzone playlist update today

Fan-favorite mode Plunder has returned to the fray this week, so get ready to fill those pockets. In Plunder Trios, teams of three need to get to the end with the most money as possible, with the final Bonus Round triggered when the first team reaches $1 million. There’s no gulag, no circle collapse, and you respawn, but don’t let your guard down, you’ll still lose cash if you get taken out. And you don’t want your killer to pick up your loose change.

As with the usual Battle Royale mode, you can earn cash in-game through a number of different methods. Find it on the ground and in supply boxes, or complete contracts for significant boost to the bank balance. The best way to get that cash, though, is by taking the risk and going for enemy players. As mentioned, victims will drop the cash they’re holding, ready for you to pick straight up.

To make yourself less of a target, and carry less risk as you explore the map, you can deposit cash. Keep an eye out for Cash Deposit balloons as you roam, and you’ll be able to safely dispose of your money in $25,000 increments, meaning it can no longer be lost.

Buy Backs – Solos

Dollars are the main theme of the day, with Buy Backs also returning to the Playlist today. Buy Backs works in a similar way to Plunder, only you need all that cash in order to respawn. With no automatic respawn like in Plunder, you’ll find yourself out of the game if you die with less than $4,500 in your pocket. The good news is that every player initially spawns with this much to start with, so be careful not to lose it and you should get at least one second chance. There’s no Gulag again, so no way to come back if you dip below that safety net, so keep an eye on your balance. Once the Buy Back counter runs out, the rest of the match will play out like a standard Battle Royale.

Rebirth Island – Resurgence Extreme

warzone playlist update today

Resurgence is the usual game mode available on the smaller Rebirth Island map, but you might find it feels a bit different this week. Resurgence is a slightly more intense Battle Royale experience, effectively a team deathmatch on a smaller map, leading to faster and closer combat. So what makes this new version extreme? Well, try doubling the number of players dropping in to the same small map. Yep, extreme.

Verdansk – Battle Royale

None of these replace the usual Battle Royale mode in Verdansk, though. Verdansk’s normal mode will still be available in Duos, Trios and Quads.

And a secret mode we’ve not seen in a while

Finally, according to Raven Software’s patch notes, there will also be another mode added this week. “The return of a mode not seen in quite some time.” Though they’ve not revealed what this will be yet, keep an eye on the Call of Duty Twitter page to find out.

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