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CoD Modern Warfare Dev Error 5476 – How To Fix

In-game errors are every player’s nightmare, preventing us from even joining a server. Well, the CoD Modern Warfare Dev Error 5476 is another one to add to the list, stopping gamers on both Modern Warfare and Warzone from joining multiplayer matches. we aren’t sure where this error has come from but we have found an easy solution to get around the issue until an inevitable patch comes around and fixes it for good!

How To Fix The CoD Modern Warfare Dev Error 5476

While the recent season 5 update has brought a lot of joy for Warzone fans, the 5476 error has probably caused a few controllers, mice, and keyboards some harm but don’t worry you can stop breaking your equipment, we have a few fixes for you to try.

Check for updates/Reset your console

This is always the first port of call, just in case the issue is being caused by a corrupt file. This is by far the easiest way to solve the error, so just restart your console and double-check to see if there have been any updates before loading up CoD once more.

Verify Warzone/ Modern Warfare Game Files

This step only applies to PC players but is often a go-to fix when the going gets tough. Missing or corrupt files can cause the 5476 error, so verifying the files is a great place to start.

First, head to the app and click on the Warzone icon. Now select the gear icon and then click ‘Scan and Repair‘. Once verified, you can now try and load the game once more.

Derandomize Calling Card & Emblem

This might sound strange but this can actually fix the error sometimes. While we have no idea what is causing error 5476, randomizing both your emblem and calling card has been shown to sprout this problem.

Reinstall Warzone/Modern Warfare

This is the last resort, especially when you consider the file size. No one wants to do this and we advise trying everything else first but sometimes we have to bite the bullet and reinstall.

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