CineStill has released RedRum, a new ISO 200 medium format red scale film stock that will be available in limited quantities.

Just in time for Halloween season, CineStill says this monochromatic film delivers red and yellow tones that makes for ‘spooky’ photographs. To achieve this look, CineStill takes its 800T emulsion and reverse rolls it through the reddish film base.

This effectively reduces the sensitivity by four times, resulting in an ISO 200 film that cleverly takes advantage of the lack of an anti-halation layer of its 800T emulsion. The film works with standard C-41 lab processing and, as you would expect, results in a rather unique aesthetic, as visible in the below sample photographs, provided by CineStill:

RedRum is available to purchase starting today for $14 per roll through CineStill’s website and authorized retailers. CineStill says the film is ‘limited edition,’ but doesn’t specify what availability will look like.