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Cameo Calls offer 1-on-1 video chats with your favourite Z-listers

The makers of the Cameo app, which enables fans to receive video messages from some of their favourite celebrities, is launching Cameo Calls for a more interactive experience.

The new video chat service is billed as a ‘meet and greet’ experience lasting up to 15 minutes, with the talent setting the fee and duration.

You can pop along to Cameo now (via TechCrunch) and see who is available to hop on a call, how long you’ll get, and how much it’ll cost you. All calls will take place via the Cameo app. After buying the call, you’ll get a code you can input within the app.

While Cameo videos have traditionally been purchased as presents for people to be surprised by one of their favourite personalities, this service might be better for people who think they’d just love to have a chat with a celebrity.

For example, the General Hospital actress Vanessa Marcil is about to hop on some calls this evening and is charging $225 for a ten=minute session. Participants will get to chat about anything one-on-one and also snap a photo together.

“We foresee Cameo Calls replacing meet and greets at music festivals and world tours, fan conventions, sporting events, and more,” said Cameo Co-founder & CEO Steven Galanis.

You can see how it all works in the announcement video below:

We’re hoping our initial fears aren’t true and this won’t provide the perfect opportunity for perverts to whip their wedding tackle out in front of unsuspecting and horrified reality TV stars.

As a scarred former tabloid journalist, I can also see this being used in nefarious ways to get on-the-record comments, or off-the-record stories from the personalities listed on Cameo. Not that many of them are shy of the media attention, but that’s beside the point.

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