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Black Friday, Singles’ Day and more: The shopping guide for the end of the year

Depending on your criteria when it comes to smartphones, now is normally the best time of the year to upgrade your handset. While the heavy hitters in the Android world normally debut in the first quarter of each year, Apple takes a different approach when it comes to the annual refresh of their iPhone line.

The result? Discounts for handsets from either mobile operating system camps. Of course, this works only as long as you don’t mind buying a model that will quickly take on the “previous generation” mantle.

Shopping season begins in September

If you’re looking to upgrade your smartphone, September is one of the best times to do so. With launch events expected from both Apple and Google (and perhaps even Samsung), current generation models will normally see a price reduction.

The downside is the risk of experiencing “purchase regret” when you see a brand-new generation of devices on the shelves just a few days or weeks later.

Take the iPhone 12 for instance. Despite the list price of $799 on Apple’s website, can already be found for nearly $100 less on major e-commerce sites. This is more than a 10% discount for those who use the recommended retail price set by manufacturers.

Apart from the successor of the iPhone 12, Google should make the Pixel 6 official, of which will be available in just the US and Japan. We also keep our eyes peeled for Samsung who should announce the Galaxy S21 FE in the coming weeks, the latest generation flagship killer that offers plenty of value-for-money with flagship-level hardware.

Flashback: Launches of the second half of the year

  2020 2019 2018
iPhone October September September
Pixel September October October
Galaxy S FE September n/a n/a
Xiaomi Mi T September June n/a
OnePlus T October September October

And it’s not just Samsung who normally announces revised models in the second half of the year. Xiaomi and OnePlus, for example, usually close the year with “T versions” of their flagship devices. Whether this is a coincidence or otherwise, Xiaomi has already announced an event slated for September 15, of which rumors indicate will be the launch of the Mi 11T. There are other rumors going around that point out how the OnePlus will give the OnePlus 9T a miss this year. We shall wait and see.

Even if you do not intend to change or upgrade your smartphone, one often forgotten detail is how the season can be a good time to finally make good on your long-awaited desire to purchase an accessory for your current smartphone.

Covers and screen protectors that were specially designed for the previous generation handsets will begin to see heavier discounts closer to a hardware refresh, not to mention that they become harder to be found over time. Perhaps now would be a good time to stock up!

Google Pixel 6 Portfolio
This year’s Pixel line will see an SoC designed/customized by Google / © Google

Key e-commerce events in 2021

  • November 11 – Singles’ Day.
  • November 26 – Black Friday.
  • November 29 – Cyber Monday.
  • December 25 – Christmas.

In addition to “gift exchange” sessions, the year-end is a good opportunity to change or upgrade your devices thanks to the heavy concentration of commercial dates in the corresponding period, especially with the widespread prevalence of ‘special sales days’ that has roots in other countries like the United States and China.

The shopping season opens with the relatively new Singles’ Day 11/11, created in China in reference to the four single 1s. This day sees especially strong sales figures among Chinese online stores and can be a great opportunity for those who are on the lookout for an imported smartphone. Do bear in mind that you have to take hardware support into consideration when picking up an imported handset.

Next up is the Black Friday + Cyber Monday combo, which falls on November 26 and 29, respectively, this year. Both are already well known events even outside the US, and the dates traditionally signify the beginning of the year-end shopping calendar in the country after Thanksgiving.

The shopping dates come to an end with Christmas. This year, the holiday falls on a Saturday, which allows enough time for those who normally leave everything to the last minute. Online orders made the weekend before – known as “panic Saturday” for last minute purchases – will have a longer deadline for delivery, which can help those who want to gift a present to their intended recipients on Christmas itself.

Tips on saving money when buying a smartphone on sale

If you’re interested in good deals at the end of the year, it is time to get organized. You can begin by following these tips that are well-known staples among shopping veterans:

  • Make a list of the products you want to buy.
  • Note the current prices of these products.
  • It is optimal to set an ideal purchase price (good to avoid impulse spending) and stick to it.
  • Take advantage of the price alert tools found in price comparison and promotion sites.

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As for you, what is the most anticipated launch for the second half of the year? Would you rather wait for product launches that are due at MWC 2022? What’s your strategy to find the best deals? Share your opinions and tips in the comments below!

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