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Biden COVID Mandates Will Affect Millions of Businesses

President Joe Biden announced new COVID mandates Thursday that will affection millions of American businesses.

The President says these measures are needed to stymie the COVID pandemic but they’ll take time to have a full impact. Biden says these measures are necessary to “keep our economy strong by keeping our businesses open.

“We’re in a tough stretch and it could last for a while,” Biden said. “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Biden Announces Vaccine Mandates for Millions of Businesses

Most importantly to businesses, the major mandate announced by Biden on Thursday was a vaccine requirement for any business with more than 100 employees.

Biden says this is legal through a Dept. of Labor Emergency Rule. If employees aren’t vaccinated against COVID, they’ll need to provide a weekly negative test in order to work.

The President says there are 80 million unvaccinated Americans, among those eligible to receive it. That mandate will affect millions of people at businesses with more than 100 employees.

Workers at hospitals and other healthcare companies will need to be vaccinated, too, according to the President’s statement. He suggests that’s equal to another 17 million employees at companies nationwide.

Additionally, the vaccine mandate will apply to all federal contractors, including the record number of small businesses awarded federal government contracts last year.

“The time for waiting is over,” Biden said. “If you want to do business with us, get vaccinated. Vaccinate your workforce.”

Further, for any business that falls under any of these vaccine mandates, Biden says employers must provide Paid Time Off to their workers to get their vaccine shots.

Other Businesses Affected by Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Announcement

While businesses with more than 100 employees need to have vaccinated workers, or have them provide a negative weekly test result, Biden encouraged other businesses to follow suit.

He encouraged large entertainment venues, concert venues, and movie theaters to require vaccines for employees but didn’t mandate them.

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