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Best Firm Mattress

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SleepAdvisor gives all mattresses a firmness rating between one and ten, with higher numbers indicating a firmer mattress. Most people find their happy place in the middle, between four and six. However, these numbers are relatively subjective as a middle number can feel hard for some sleepers or vice versa. 

Doctors say that firm mattresses are generally good picks for stomach and back sleepers, because they provide the most spinal support, since sinking too deeply into your bed may cause a misalignment after a few nights. Firm mattresses are also better for people of size, hot sleepers and those who have arthritis. 

With so many firm mattress options to choose from, we’ve researched and selected the best firm mattress on the market today, as well as a short-list of high-quality alternatives. Whether you’re looking for the best medium-firm mattress or the best extra-firm mattress, the selections below should give you a great start toward a good night’s sleep.

The best firm mattress you can buy today

Best firm mattress: Plank by Brooklyn Bedding  

Brooklyn Bedding makes a wide array of different mattresses, but their Plank mattress tops our best firm mattress review. Part of its value comes from its flexibility. The mattress is dual-sided, so you can flip it over to the “firm” side, which is rated a seven on the firmness scale, or to the “extra firm” side, which rates a nine out of ten on the scale.

No matter which side you pick, you will find it minimally conforming, meaning it doesn’t allow you to sink in and curve around your body. Stomach sleepers rave about it, and people of size find it offers the support they need during the night. It is also a valuable option for couples since the producers engineered it to excel at motion isolation. Investing in a mattress is always a big decision, but customers consistently speak to how durable the bed is, making it a worthwhile investment.

Brooklyn Bedding ships free throughout the U.S. The company also offers a 120-night trial, and a 10-year warranty. The price ranges between $699 (twin) and $1,249 (California king), with the option of adding a cooling top panel to the mattress for $150 to $200 extra, depending on mattress size. 

Plank has received 4.9 out of five stars from over 500 customer reviews on their website, as well as mostly five-star ratings on Amazon.

Other great firm mattresses

Saatva: The Saatva Classic Mattress

The Saatva Classic Mattress is another top choice for the best firm mattress. You can choose between three firmness ratings, including “plush soft,” which gets a three rating, “luxury firm,” which rates as five to seven on the firmness scale, or “firm,” which rates an eight. For those seeking the best firm mattress, the firm option is an excellent choice, as it is constructed using firmer foams to increase resistance. 

This mattress is a hybrid mattress, meaning it contains an innerspring system as well as layers of memory foam. Its top layer is a thin piece of organic cotton foam, quilted to cushion joints and to relieve pressure on sensitive points of your body. Underneath are layers of pocket coils and firm foam to give you the extra support you need.

Saatva receives many positive reviews on its customer service, partially because they offer a 120-night trial and a 15-year warranty on their mattresses. They also offer free white-glove delivery to your home, along with the removal of your old mattress. The price ranges between $799 (twin) and $1,699 (California king).

Wherever you look, Saatva is backed by hundreds of customer reviews supporting the purchase of the mattress. It has received 4.5 out of five stars from over 500 reviews on Trustpilot, as well as 4.7 out of five stars from Consumer Affairs.

WinkBeds: The WinkBed

The WinkBed mattress is another hybrid mattress that’s a great choice for those looking for a quality firm mattress. The WinkBed helps people who suffer from back pain, such as those with sciatica or arthritis, as well as hip pain — keeping the joints supported. It’s also a great choice for hot sleepers, since the mattress construction keeps you aloft, instead of sinking in.

WinkBeds offers four different firmness options when buying one of their mattresses, including 4.5 (soft), 6.5 (luxury firm), 7.5 (firm) and eight (plus). These options are all created with an innerspring system and memory foam combination, including layers of polyfoam, a lumbar pad and gel memory foam.

WinkBeds stays competitive in the mattress market by offering free white-glove delivery to your door. For a small fee, they will take away your old mattress as well. The mattress comes with a 120-night trial and a lifetime warranty. Prices range between $1,049 (twin) and $1,849 (California king).

The WinkBed has received 4.8 out of five stars from over 3,400 customer reviews on their website.

The Loom & Leaf Mattress by Saatva

Loom & Leaf offers a memory foam mattress that is proof that not all memory foam mattresses have to be plush. This bed amplifies spinal alignment while still giving you a firm feel.

The first two layers of this mattress are a high-quality memory foam with high densities to prevent any sagging. This build also helps to extend the longevity of the bed. Underneath that is a two-inch-thick layer of transition polyfoam topping six inches of the polyfoam core to increase support. This construction is beneficial for couples, as it isolates movements so couples can sleep well together.

The mattress comes in two firmness levels: relaxed firm (between a five to seven on the firmness scale) and firm (firmness rating of eight). Although the luxury firm is touted as being their best seller, the firm option is our recommendation for those in the market for the best firm mattress.

All mattresses from Loom & Leaf come with free delivery, free set up and old-mattress removal. The mattress also comes with a 120-night trial and a 15-year warranty. However, if you do decide to return the mattress within the trial period time frame, there is a $99 return fee. The price ranges between $849 (twin) and $1,899 (California king).

This mattress by Saatva has received 4.5 out of five stars from over 150 reviews on Trustpilot.  

Research to find the best firm mattress was conducted by analyzing real customer reviews of individual mattresses as well as factors like comfort, mattress features, price, shopping perks and warranty information. To ensure accurate reporting, customer service advisors were reached via the company website to validate facts and usages as needed.

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