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Bed with High Tech Features : Somnus-Neu

If you are interested in pieces of furniture with high tech features here is something that might get your attention, the Somnus-New Bed. A few months ago we also presented another high tech bed called the “Hi-Can Bed”, but here is another ambitious project created by Yoo-Pod Ltd …their Somnus-Neu project, named after the ancient Roman god of sleep but billed as “the future of beds.” And with all of these beds’ high tech features it is easy to see why. Somnus-Neu® is a union of design and technology allowing a user the opportunity to relax, be entertained, connect, create from one point, one location. This bed was designed to create an integration of technology and high design.

ismagilov / Getty Images

The Somnus-Neu bed includes:


        • An internet connection, either through wifi or ethernet.


        • An entire audio-visual system with an HD video projector and 5-point audio system that includes drivers mounted beneath the mattress—hook up an iPod, watch cable TV or DVDs or stream media online.


        • Mechanized curtains and a drop-down screen that can be used to completely enclose the mattress.


        • LED lighting under, above and around the bed—turn on a reading light, create your own light show or set a sensual mood.


And all of that is controlled by two retractable 17-inch touch screen monitors (see photo, below). But the most remarkable feature of the Somnus-Neu beds is the “data chain” that links them together. The users of Somnus-Neu beds are assigned RFID (radio-frequency identification) cards and granted access to a website where they can input their appointment and travel schedule, contact numbers, meeting notes and media preferences. When users arrive at a Somnus-Neu bed an RDIF card reader determines who they are and downloads their data.

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