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A few new Canon products have been cancelled due to the supply chain issues | Canon Rumors

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I have been talking to a few people about upcoming products that haven’t come to fruition yet, and it looks like a few may have been cancelled and are being “refreshed”.

While no products were directly named by my sources, one from retail mentioned that they were shown products last year that haven’t made it to market and have been removed from internal product documents.

A second source said it’s likely that some of the cancelled products are being refreshed to meet the expectations of the market once supply chain issues have been resolved. This makes a lot of sense for cameras, as the specifications can be dated quite quickly in that space. Lenses on the other hand exist for many years, and Canon can continue to roll them out.

With the NABShow in October being cancelled, a lot of new Cinema EOS products may have been cancelled or delayed. The next NABShow is scheduled for April 2022. That said, I do think we’ll see some Cinema EOS announcements this year, but it’ll likely be for low volume products.

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