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A Cozy Outdoor Patio Corner

I feel like it has been forever since we have been out in our pool area, let alone given a quick update on the… well-updates for this area. There are a lot of areas that are still waiting for builders and materials, but the areas that are in our control, we have fully taken over and are so very happy with making this outdoor space cozy, even during the construction. We are going to make a lot of updates out here this season, but for now here is a space we have been working on…So let’s check it out….

Last year we shared our dreams for this addition in our pool area. The corner of the house hasn’t been used all that much, and the dream is to relocate the main bedroom down into this space. Well part of the interior build-out was an exterior plan as well. So we created this little nook away from the road, I am loving how it is looking so far. The sofa, coffee table, and chairs are all from Studio McGee Collection from Target. If your Target is like ours, you may have to connect with just the right person that is willing sell you the piece. Until this morning, the piece was nearly nonexistent online and in person, until we spoke with just the right person, we were able to purchase this set and add them into this space. It is now back online & even on sale now! I added old antique standing flower baskets in the back as well as a cast iron one as well to complete this space. The little black lanterns were from AtHome and they are battery powered pre-lit candles.  We added some medium back wicker chairs to this space for additional seating for larger gathers or options for smaller ones. The Antique-Inspired Garden Urns I blogged about last year, when we added them to the pool area, you can read all about them (here) in my blog post, “New Urns You Will Be Shocked Aren’t Antiques.” Lastly, the low patio chair, I think the longest lasting item in this area, our Low Double Chaise chair we got from Wayfair.

Moving along into the breeze way, the last “project” we did last year was knock out the railing in the breezeway. It was rotted out and falling off anyway, and well they are staying off… I love this look so much. The Adirondacks I purchased from Wayfair last week for an incredible deal. I think I purchased all of these for the total of one. The chairs came nearly entirely assembled, two little wood pegs and the chair is ready for use! These chairs will not stay here though. We are hoping to have a fire pit area built in the next few weeks & these chairs will be around that area. More updates to come!

I hope you like this quick little update from our outdoor pool area. Our vision is English garden, and I am starting to see that vision come to life and I cannot wait for this year to come together inside and out. Let us know what you think, find us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. We would love to hear what you think or elements of your favorite outdoor spaces that you just love. Thank you for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world to us here on the farm, so thank you again!


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