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4 Home & Auto Tech Innovations You Should Be Aware of

Whether it’s innovations in the car industry or for the home, trends are trends for a reason  — because they are popular, and people love to keep up with them. While there were many tech trends in 2019, the new year is looking pretty good as well as you can see in this Sound System Installation Services online catalog

The American public has been fascinated by the automobile since Henry Ford drove the first Model T off the assembly line in 1908. Since then the technological advances in the car realm have been nothing short of spectacular  — and 2020 is destined to impress yet again.

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Car audio systems аrе аlѕо known аѕ infotainment sources іn cars аnd оthеr 4-wheeled vehicles. It hаѕ gone a lоng wау аnd hаѕ evolved fоr thе better аѕ seen іn thе history оf car stereo systems. Alоng wіth thіѕ evolution іѕ materializations оf innovation ideas thаt wеrе оnlу encapsulated inside thе minds оf car innovators. Wіth thе technology, thеу hаvе slowly соmе tо life аnd look whаt wе hаvе nоw іn оur cars? Thеrе аrе nоw various contemporary car stereo systems wе саn freely choose frоm and the new Honda Vezel in Singapore has got one of the most smart form of the audio system fitted. Thе greatness оf thеѕе new transformations allows room fоr assessment аnd critique frоm оthеrѕ. Whаt dо thеу hаvе tо say, anyway? Artisan Electric Inc is one of Puget Sound’s largest and most respected solar/electrical contractors. Most solar contractors are not electrical contractors. Artisan is different. With our team of highly skilled, professionally licensed journeyman electricians and installation specialists, we’re proud to set industry standards for quality, design and customer service. We’re committed to helping homeowners, businesses and communities discover their clean energy potential—and make it easy with our full-service turn-key approach. We’re passionate about preserving and restoring our planet—and the power of solar. If you have questions with Commercial Electrical Project Estimating, contact us now.

In thе fіrѕt place, whу dо wе hаvе tо know? Wеll, thе benefit mоѕtlу goes tо thе manufacturers whо strive furthеr іn thеіr field based оn customers’ feedback. Innovation іѕ nonstop аnd, thuѕ, continues tо live аѕ іt listens tо whаt thе users hаvе tо say. Manufacturers need tо know thе users’ opinion tо furthеr improve whаt they’ve got nоw. Let’s fіnd thе voice оf thеѕе valuable users аnd frоm thеrе, wе саn think оf wауѕ tо improve thе industry. Thanks tо a survey conducted bу Consumer Reports, wе аrе closer thаn еvеr tо seeing things іn a mоrе transparent perspective аbоut satisfaction оf car owners аnd users tоwаrdѕ car audio usage.

Electric Trucks

While electric vehicles are steadily becoming more efficient, they still have quite a ways to go before they become mainstream, but it looks like we’re about to see some significant advancements.

One of the latest and greatest ideas is the electric truck. Tesla’s Cybertruck, for example, is claiming an impressive range of up to 500 miles and a quick 0-60 time of as low as 2.9 seconds. Its futuristic look has people divided, but you can’t argue with over 250,000 preorders for the new model.

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It also appears Tesla will have an advantage over other automakers like GM, Ford and newcomers, Lordstown, Rivian and Bollinger  — who won’t have their all electric trucks ready until sometime in 2021.

Wireless and Quick Charging 

The question of “how long do electric cars last?” might be a thing of the past as electric cars and the chargers to go with them continue to improve. If car companies choose to go down the supercapacitor route, then having an electric car will be easy to charge and wireless as well. Instead of sitting for hours waiting on your car to charge, you might be able to do it in almost an instant. For example, you might only have to stop for 10 minutes to charge your vehicle and then continue on your way.

Fully Autonomous Driving Systems 

Self-driving cars are not a futuristic dream with several companies have models in the testing phase right now. While it might not happen as soon as 2020, experts are predicting that cars will be driving themselves fully by 2025 at the latest. The mechanics of how this is going to work are still being developed, but it involves 3D sensors and a ton of AI. 

There are even self-driving semi-trucks in the works, with Tesla again, on the cutting edge with hopes of going into production in 2020.

In the future, while your car drives you where you want to go, you’ll be free to relax, study, read, or even talk to a friend on the phone, none of which you can do in today’s old-fashioned cars where you have to do the driving. This is definitely a market to keep your eye on. Visit Digitogy to check out their latest articles about the coolest tech devices.

Tech for Business Applications

Innovations in the business arena are moving forward by leaps and bounds as well. Things like factory automation have come a long way and are only getting more prevalent. Amazon’s already unveiled the automated grocery store where cashiers have been eliminated, and that’s just the beginning. 

Warehouse robots at Amazon are helping the retail online giant to speed up deliveries and increase accuracy. Sometimes working alongside human counterparts and sometimes in place of them, automated workers are changing the way industry does business.

These are just a few of the top innovation trends you might want to look out for in 2020 and beyond. From fully self-driving cars to advanced automation, the future is all about the tech and you get to go along for the ride.

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