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25+ Halloween DIYs, Recipes, & Costume Ideas

Let the Halloween countdown begin! A few of you may have already started decorating, but if you haven’t started yet, we’ve got plenty of fun Halloween decor and costume DIYs in this post.

And if you’re hosting a little get together, we have some spooky recipes and to add to your menu as well!

We love the look of these alcohol ink pumpkins. You can pick any color combination to match your decor—we’re thinking a rainbow pumpkin would be fun to try!

Here’s another idea if you want to paint your pumpkins. Elsie used patio paint to create these cute designs.

We had to include one of our most popular seasonal projects—this Halloween countdown calendar. It’s not too late to get started on one!

String some pumpkin garland or candy corn garland on a mantel (or mirror). You can even keep them up after Halloween is over (hello, Thanksgiving!).

Speaking of garland, how about these yarn tassel ghosts?

Emma (the queen of Halloween) went all out a couple years ago and decorated her home with a bunch of skeletons. It was beyond epic! Here are five ideas to add them to your Halloween decor.

What about a spooky photo backdrop?

These mini playhouse pumpkins are so sweet, and we love Emma’s fabric pumpkins, too. So many good pumpkin DIYs around here.

Claire made a pumpkin stand for her son (from an IKEA play kitchen)—so many cute memories year after year!

I bet we all have an old sweater hanging in our closet. You can turn yours into a skull pillow with this DIY.

What about starting a Halloween village tradition? We included free printables to make it even easier.

Let’s talk about treats! We love these little chocolate pumpkin bowls (they are edible!) and these easy party sandwich treats. You can use fillings like pumpkin pie frosting and jam between Ritz crackers. Mmmm.

How fun is this evil eye cocktail?

You can’t go wrong with Elsie’s autumn trail mix. It’s got all the good stuff like granola, chocolate candy, and Cheez-Its.

And if you want another snack mix idea, here’s Elsie’s homemade Chex mix recipe. Once you toast your own Chex mix, you’ll never go back!

Laura comes up with the best jello shot recipes, and candy corn will always be our favorite.

Speaking of jello shots, these spooky eyeball jello shots are Halloween perfection!

We would like to introduce you to these quirky monster cocktail stirrers (and the most fun candy shopping trip ever).

It’s easier than you think to make your own spooky chocolate bars.

Speaking of chocolate—don’t forget the no-bake truffles (with googly eyes, of course).

Moving on to costumes with this adorable mother/daughter mermaid costume. Look at little Lola!

And how about about this Beetlejuice Mommy and Me look?

An ode to all the plant ladies out there. Here’s how Mandi made her houseplant costume out of leftover boxes.

Emma, Trey and Oscar couldn’t have portrayed the Zoolander look any better with this family costume.

Who can forget the infamous Bjork swan costume

If you have extra cardboard boxes around the house, you could make an essential oil bottle costume like Emma and Jacki did here.

You gotta love a Toy Story costume. A truly classic movie!

We’ll never forget Britney and Justin’s denim outfits. Why would we want to? 😀

And just for fun, what are your favorite horror movies? Here’s our list.

Break out the popcorn, light some candles, and have some movie nights this month and check out Elsie’s Halloween home tour for more home decorating ideas!

And if you’re looking for Halloween decor that doesn’t require any DIY skills, out our shopping guide to get all the goods! xo. – The ABM team

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