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20+ Multipurpose Cozy Market Bags and Easy Ways to Work them into your Decor!

One thing about me is that I love decor that is multi-purposeful. From kitchen brushes and soaps to wicker baskets to collect toys in; it makes it easier to purchase something when I can see lots of potential uses. Another one of those multipurpose items that I really enjoy purchasing is market bags. Chances are that you may already have some type of market bag around your home. Today I want to share some easy ways to use those cozy market bags for storage, clutter, and how to also work them into your decor!

Uses for Market Bags

The most common use for a market bag is used as a bag to carry your items around. Furthermor, as an extra bag to bring along for when you run errands or go antiquing. I also like to use a market bag to house items that I like to have nearby but also concealed. For example, I like to keep a market bag near the back door full of outdoor blankets, melamine dishes, sunscreen, and other outdoor items for easy grab-and-go access for outdoor fun. I also like to use a market bag to throw things in throughout the day that I need to remember to bring upstairs. Instead of running up and down the stairs (which I end up doing multiple times a day anyway) I can gather them all in this bag to bring up at the end of the day.

All of the examples that I’ve shared already are very practical uses for market bags. I also really like to incorporate them into our cozy decor. In this blog post here [HERE], I share some ways to incorporate seasonal stems into your market bag and display them on a shelf, peg rail, or even a coffee table. I also have a great blog post on how I created a Market Bag Wreath for our front door, which you can see here [HERE].

Shop all of my picks for Multipurpose Cozy Market Bags by clicking the images below:

Do you have a favorite market bag that you seem to use for both running errands AND as cozy decor? I would love to hear what you use your cozy market bags for on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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