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20+ Cottage Farmhouse Table Lamps

Secondary Ambient lighting that we add into our cozy spaces can serve as more than just mood lighting. Just like we layer our decor, we should also be layering out lighting. Between the overall room light, gradual and dimmed mood lighting, and ambient lighting, this gives you more options and possibilities on how you want your cozy room to look at any time of day. That is why today I wanted to share 20+ cottage farmhouse table lamps to add to your space to change the desired look at any time of day.

There are so many spaces in our home that can benefit from adding a table lamp. I think table lamps add another layer of coziness and if the space allows for it, can also serve as a piece of decor. Think of spaces that you normally wouldn’t think to place one; in the kitchen or laundry room is where I find that table lamps are the coziest.

I also love ambient table lamp lighting for the fact that the lighting temperature is completely customizable and depending on what you choose, can change the entire look of a space. Warmer light bulbs give off a yellowish glow and the desired look that we are going for. Cooler light bulbs can make a room feel sterile. While in some rooms this works, it’s not typically what we are trying to achieve when creating a cozy home.

Shop all of my cottage farmhouse table lamps by clicking the images below:

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Do you have a favorite space in your home where you like to have a table lamp? I would love to hear where on Facebook or Instagram and don’t forget to join my community Facebook Group for inspiration from everyone in this cozy community. I hope this round-up of cottage farmhouse table lamps inspired you today. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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