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11 Places to Get Business Holiday Cards: Boxed and Custom

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As we approach the holidays, it’s time to start thinking about business Christmas cards. While it seems a little early, planning can help your business immensely. With so many others placing rush orders, ordering early can help you stay ahead of the competition while still ensuring you’re making a good impression on clients and customers. For this article, we’ll be walking you through where to get the best boxed holiday cards and the best business Christmas cards this year.

Best Places to Buy Pre-Printed Boxed Holiday Cards

An easier solution when it comes to holiday Christmas cards is to opt for pre-printed boxed holiday cards that you can send out to clients and customers. In addition, you can create customized holiday photo cards for your company holiday cards to build your brand. Or you can opt for general business holiday card designs and avail customization options such as a stock design as you see fit to create a truly unique holiday card. It is also important to follow business holiday card etiquette.

1. Amazon

Amazon has a wide selection of boxed holiday cards with envelopes to choose from, and there are products to appeal across different businesses. We’ve selected some of the best options for companies looking to send out corporate holiday cards this festive season on Amazon.

  1. Papyrus Christmas Cards Boxed, Holiday Pine Cones (14-Count): If you’re looking for simple and elegant boxed holiday greeting cards with beautiful imagery, the Holiday Pine Cones can be a good option for company Christmas cards.
  2. Image Arts Boxed Holiday Cards, Peaceful Holidays (16 Cards and Envelopes): For a different look, you can go for boxed holiday cards with winter imagery rather than Christmas-related artwork for a more fun look.
  3. Hallmark Signature Boxed Holiday Cards, Embossed Snowflake (12 Cards with Envelopes): The Hallmark cards feature an elegant embossed snowflake look that makes for the perfect Christmas card for employees and customers.
  4. Papyrus Holiday Cards Boxed, Warmest Holiday Wishes (14-Count): If you’re looking for something with more of a greeting message, the Warmest Holiday Wishes is a very good option for businesses.
  5. Christmas Cards Set – 24 Gold Foil Holiday Cards with Red Envelopes: If you’d like to customize greetings and cards to an extent, you can choose boxed holiday card sets such as this one so you can mix and match as needed when sending out.
  6. Joy Small Boxed Holiday Cards: Small greeting cards are a great option for a minimal aesthetic, and they can be easier to mail and send since they are smaller in size.
  7. Hallmark Boxed Christmas Cards, Season to be Grateful: If you’re looking for some holiday cheer to include in your season’s greetings, this boxed holiday set is the best one since it features a beautiful message and imagery.

2. Perpetual Kid

Shop Funny Christmas + Hanukkah Cards |

Perpetual Kid is known for its funny Christmas cards, combining humorous messages with bold imagery and wording to create truly unique cards. If you’re looking for something with a little more humor to send to customers and employees while still sending well wishes, Perpetual Kids can be a great option. Choose from their wide selection of humorous and general greeting card options for the festive season, and enjoy fast and free shipping with each order.


Company Christmas Cards & Holiday Greetings |

Quill offers a wide variety of corporate holiday cards, with both text greetings and blank illustrated cards so that you can add your own message. Choose from cards with stock imagery, fun drawings and design, and a variety of other types of holiday cards that fit perfectly as business cards to send out to both employees and customers.

4. Aliexpress

AliExpress has an extensive range of business cards to choose from, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. You can go for a simple design with a festive touch or purchase cards that have more of a holiday look and feel depending on what you think recipients will enjoy. You can also order different sets of boxed holiday cards and mix and match so that customers and employees receive different cards for a personalized feel.

Best Places to Get Custom Business Holiday Cards Printed

Another option for the holiday season is to go for custom holiday cards. You can include your company logo and company name on corporate holiday cards to create a more business-like feel and a thoughtful message on the inside of the card. For brands looking to create a strong impression and stand, custom greeting cards can work really well.

5. Etsy

Many artists and designers on Etsy create amazing greeting cards that are personalized with your logo, special greetings, and images to create a truly unique Christmas card or even a Thanksgiving message for businesses. We’ve selected some of our favorites on Etsy that offer custom business holiday cards:

  1. Studio52Design: You can create custom cards with photos or cartoon illustrations of photos by working with their designers to create custom Christmas cards for your company.
  2. LollieJDesigns: Offers beautifully artwork cards with the option to add your own greeting, as well as custom photo cards.
  3. AdorationDesign: Featuring minimal style holiday artwork, you can customize the cards with messages. Cards are available with different greetings as well, so there is a lot to choose from.
  4. DoverandFoxcraft: Artworked cards include city skylines for a more unique twist on holiday cards and can be customized with greetings and company logos.
  5. MainStreetGreetings: Offer a variety of festive and holiday-themed designs for their custom cards, and you can add personalized messages and greetings.
  6. FindAPennyPaperCo: Include artwork and illustrated holiday cards for customization with a greeting inside the card.
  7. LauraRowStudio: You’ll find cards with original watercolor design prints for a more artistic touch, with options for different styles of cards as well as personalization on the front of the card with the company name.
  8. JoeGalantinoArt: You can commission hand-drawn artwork cards, including your company building or other significant parts of your business, for your corporate holiday card.

6. Fiverr

Another option if you’re seeking unique corporate holiday cards is to work with a graphic designer. That gives you full control over the budget, artwork, company logo, and more, and you’ll have the design file as well so that you can use the card template in the years to come. You can find graphic designers on Fiverr; here are some top choices:

  1. Ashar
  2. Nina Sere
  3. Vpreneurs85
  4. Yanitsa
  5. Francisca

Please note that when working with freelancers on sites such as Fiverr, it’s important to look at reviews and compare packages before selecting a graphic designer to work with.

7. Office Depot

Custom Holiday Cards Holiday Style – Office Depot

Corporate sellers such as Office Depot are always a safe bet for custom holiday cards for a quick and easy option. You can choose from pre-written greetings, compose your own, and choose from different types of illustrations and artwork to create your corporate holiday card. Additionally, each custom box includes 25 cards with envelopes, making it a simpler option for bulk sending business holiday card messages.

Best Places to Buy Both Boxed AND Custom Holiday Cards

If you’re looking to send a mixture of boxed holiday cards and create custom cards for special employees and customers, you can also find options that include both.

8. Made in China

Made in China offers a vast array of boxed holiday cards and custom holiday cards for you to choose from. The prices are also cost-effective, as the cards are purchased directly from manufacturers. You can find many different options to suit your budget and brand with their selection.

9. eBay

Sellers on eBay also offer both custom and boxed holiday cards, depending on needs. You can message individual sellers to create a card set that works for you or directly purchase from one of their product offerings. Some of the best greeting card sellers on eBay include:

  1. Media Plus Carlson Craft
  2. YourCreativeMemoryRetail
  3. AJInvites
  4. IrishIHadThat
  5. BTN Outlet

10. Staples

Staples is a major retailer offering both custom holiday cards and boxed holiday card sets. Similar to Office Depot and Office Max, you will also find a lot of options for corporate holiday cards in each category, with lots of seasonal boxed holiday cards to choose from. Custom cards also include photo greeting cards, so you can always choose to feature a team photo with smiling employee faces for a feel-good type of card or an image related to your company for the custom option.

Custom Happy Holidays Cards | Staples

Shop for Seasonal Holiday Cards | Staples

11. Alibaba

Alibaba also offers a vast selection of boxed cards and custom cards at cost-effective prices. You can choose from large boxed sets or also opt for bulk custom cards as needed. If you have a large list of customers and employees to get through for cards, a mixture of custom and boxed sets from Alibaba could be a budget-friendly option.

Creative corporate holiday cards For Thoughtful Gifting –

Where to Buy Digital Holiday Cards for Business

Many of the businesses listed above also offer the option of digital holiday cards. This can be a great option for businesses that do not want to take on the cost of mailing cards or simply want to reduce their environmental footprint a little bit.

Digital holiday cards are a great alternative to traditional paper corporate holiday cards and can be a nice way to keep in touch with clients this holiday season without the effort of mailing cards.

You can email a digital card by using the jpeg of the card image and formatting it as either a standalone photo or image or designing a holiday newsletter with updates to go alongside the image.

You can buy digital cards for your holiday business this Christmas or business New Year greetings from the following places:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Etsy
  3. Greenvelope
  4. Paperless Post
  5. Punchbowl

How to Find the Best Business Christmas Cards

There are many sellers available with great options if you’re looking to find the best business Christmas cards offering a pre-designed holiday card or a custom holiday card, depending on your needs. Top choices for best business Christmas cards include:

  1. Staples
  3. Amazon
  4. Etsy
  5. Made in China

When looking for a business Christmas card, the general recommendation is to go for neutral messages such as season’s greetings or something with a festive theme. To appeal to a wide variety of customers and employees, your business holiday card should have a short, friendly message and festive imagery to evoke the holiday feel.

Do businesses still send out Christmas cards?

Businesses do still send out Christmas cards as they are a useful marketing and business development tool. Business Christmas cards are also a thoughtful way to show customers and employees they are valued and an important part of the business.

Should you put your business card in a holiday card?

Yes, if you are sending out holiday cards to new clients and business opportunities. You do not need to include your business card in a holiday card if it is being sent to existing customers and clients.

What do you write in a business holiday card?

There are many different options available for neutral greetings to write in a business holiday card. Some options include:

  • Season’s greetings from [your business], wishing you all the best this festive season
  • Well wishes this holiday season to you and your family from [your business]
  • Happy holiday season from [your business]
  • Wishing you all the best this festive season from [your business]

How do you say Merry Christmas professionally?

Christmas has become a multicultural event and there are a few different ways you can say Merry Christmas without alienating others. The best way to say merry Christmas is inside a business holiday card rather than on the card itself, and in person.

When should you send out business Christmas cards?

You can send out business Christmas cards closer to Christmas or Christmas Eve but bear in mind there may be postal delays and issues which could lead to cards not reaching in time. Generally, it’s best to plan ahead and aim to send Christmas cards in the range of 21st-25th December, or a bit earlier to ensure they reach everyone on time.

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