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10 Things I Love Sunday

1. This pumpkin spice essential oil is delish and I’ve been diffusing it at my desk while I work (comes in a larger fall set as well).

2. Maybe the cutest Halloween decoration ever! I got it for our entryway and it’s so cute and it lights up!

3. If you are a coffee lover, then let me recommend this automatic coffee grinder. This year, I started grinding my coffee fresh each morning with a little grinder, but it was driving me nuts because it was making a huge mess (transferring the grounds and brushing out the grinder each time).

And, I was getting really inconsistent coffee since it was more of a manual process and I would do it a little differently each time (even though I tried to do it the same).

Anyway, this grinder has settings so you get the same exact grind each time—it weighs the coffee so you get the exact amount you want, and I can put the coffee basket directly under the chute so there’s no mess to clean up at all.

And you can store coffee beans in the top of and it blocks UV light that can damage the beans while they sit up there. It’s for sure more of a coffee splurge, but I have to say I really, really love it.

4. I got these ghost earrings in the mail this week and they make me SO happy!!

5. Ordering these decals to put on my nails (and Lola will want some on hers as well so we can play “nail salon”).

6. Have you had a London fog latte? They are such a good fall drink and great if you want a break or aren’t into the pumpkin spice life. I’ve been buying the concentrate to make them (cold or hot), but you can also make them with earl grey tea bags as well.

7. Got this puffy sleeve shirt for a date night look—it’s such a pretty color and the sleeves are so fun!

8. I’ve been showing Lola some classic musicals because she’s so into singing and dancing, and although I wondered if she was a little too young for them at 4 years old, she loves them!

So far, The Sound of Music and Singin’ in the Rain are her favorites and we’ve been teaching her how to use our record player (it’s pink velvet!) so she can play the soundtrack records (here’s The Sound of Music and Singin’ in the Rain).

9. Going to dig my ghost coffee mug out of storage today (similar here!). It’s that time of year!

10. I haven’t worn corduroy pants since I was a kid, but I’m going to give these a try! Love the ’70s vibes.

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